NDT&E Technical Degree


Apprenticeship or work/study contract - Face-to-face or Distance Learning

This course aims to train NDT&E technicians at senior level who can implement most common NDT methods in industry and services.  Business sectors where product and structures quality, integrity or maintenance is paramount have a vested interest in NDT&E, for instance: aeronautics, shipbuilding, metallurgy, automotive, railways, nuclear, civil engineering, building, R&D and consultants.


Targeted skills

  • Apply frequently used NDT techniques in industry : ultrasounds, radiography, Eddy Currents, thermography, etc...
  • Implement compliance tests on instrumentation and equipment
  • Identify non-compliances with standards and regulations
  • Organise and manage NDT instrumentation for the purpose of manufacturing, maintenance or accreditation



Training is available to all candidates in basic or continuing education, classic or block-release courses (work/study or apprenticeship contract).



Candidates must hold a Technical Diploma, Higher Technical Diploma or equivalent qualification to apply for this course.  An accreditation scheme is also available for those who can demonstrate that all or part of the course contents have been mastered through previous work experience.


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