MS Applied Physics and Optics


The two specialisations of the Master of Applied Physics and Physical Engineering draw on research expertise in the following fields :

• Functional Nanomaterials and Nanostructures - PNANO

• Innovative optical methods applied to the study of materials - OAM


Targeted skills

  • Master NDT&E methods used in industrial settings
  • Perform tests and trials
  • Carry out signal and image processing
  • Analyse results and determine necessary adjustments to products and structures
  • Perform technical inspections
  • Manage NDT&E projects



PNANO is a high-level training program in the field of Nanosciences devoted to the physics of functional Nanomaterials and Nanostructures for electronics, photonics, and magnetism as well as their applications in devices operating in Nanotechnologies. The training includes theoretical concepts to describe and analyse the physical properties of matter at the nanoscopic and mesoscopic scales. It also provides a solid knowledge of advanced experimental methods of X-rays (Reflectivity, SAXS, GISAXS), microscopy tools (AFM, TEM, SNOM) and spectroscopic techniques at the forefront of technology and the development of thin film materials by physicochemical approaches or by vapor phase deposition and lithography of MEMS in a clean room environment.


OAM is dedicated to advanced optical properties of materials including: optical engineering, micro-nanostructures, optical functionalities and high-speed optical methods.  There is a direct link with the opto-acoustics research pole of Le Mans Université (IMMM and LAUM) and the sensor engineering pole of ENSIM.  Employment opportunities lie in the industrial field of R&D and it is also possible to pursue this cursus with a PhD.



Training is available to all candidates in basic or continuing education.



Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in a field relevant to the Master’s Degree (physics, engineering, etc.)  An accreditation scheme is also available for those who can demonstrate that all or part of the course contents have been mastered through previous work experience.


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