Ultrasonic NDT&E Seminar

February 28, 2019


Issues relating to the quality and safety of materials and structures have grown tremendously in an increasingly demanding world. In order to meet these strategic challenges, ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques have evolved and adapted to detect manufacturing or operational flaws within a variety of structures in such diverse fields as aeronautics, civil engineering, the nuclear industry, etc. To increase detection sensitivity in the early stages of damage, a new generation of ultrasonic end non-linear acoustic methods has recently emerged to control the health status of a range of materials : from polymer matrix composites tometallic structures, civil engineering concrete, thin films, etc. Over the past 30 years, theoretical and experimental developments in non-linear acoustical methods have allowed a sufficient understanding level to consider a technology transfer. Thus, with the variety of indicators based on time and frequency signatures and associated to the early detection of local and/or widespread damage, non-linear acoustic methods can detect defects of a smaller size than the acoustic wavelengths involved.


This training day will allow participants to :

  • discover the fundamentals of non-linear acoustic methods and their applications in different types of materials,
  • discover the technological advances in the use of non-linear acoustic methods in NDT,
  • meet experienced researchers in the field to initiate scientific and industrial partnerships.



Speakers :

Theoretical content :

M.BENTAHAR - Senior Lecturer/Researcher (LAUM / ENSIM)

V.TOURNAT - Research Director CNRS


Experimental content :

S.LETOURNEUR - Research Engineer CNRS

C.MECHRI - Lecturer/Researcher (LAUM / CTTM)

Mr CHEKROUNE - Lecturer/Researcher (LAUM / IUT)


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