Master acoustique


The Master of Acoustics provides a range of classes in the main fields of fundamental and applied acoustics: physical acoustics, non-linear and aero-acoustics, condensed matter acoustics, electro-acoustics, vibro-acoustics, musical and building acoustics, perception and psycho-acoustics, physio-acoustics, experimental methods in acoustics, digital acoustics, etc...


Targeted skills

  • Master NDT&E methods used in industrial settings
  • Perform tests and trials
  • Carry out signal and image processing
  • Analyse results and determine necessary adjustments to products and structures
  • Perform technical inspections
  • Manage NDT&E projects



Training is available to all candidates in basic or continuing education.



Year-1 admission : candidates must hold an Engineering or an Acoustics Bachelor’s Degree.

Year-2 admission : candidates must have completed Year-1 of a Master’s Degree in Acoustics programme or similar : mechanics, physics, electronics, applied mathematics) or an Engineering Bachelor’s Degree in similar fields of study. An accreditation scheme is also available for those who can demonstrate that all of the Year-1 course contents have been mastered through previous work experience.


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