President's message

3 - President's message
Why ECND Academy at Le Mans University ?

Since its creation 40 years ago, and with a more strategic focus in the past few years, Le Mans University has made specific choices with regards to research and training, including in its programmes scientific excellence and innovative pedagogy.  Thus, throughout the years, it has organised its training provision and its research activities in coherent and highly visible units in numerous fields.  Within this framework, Le Mans University offers quality training on an international scale that rely on a strong relationship between Research, Training and Innovation while putting forward the synergies between disciplines that co-exist in a pluri-disciplinary university.  This is the case for our courses in Non Destructive Testing & Evaluation training that showcase the sillks of the Acoustics Laboratory and the Institute of Materials and Molecules of Le Mans University, both partners of the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). Taking into consideration our research expertise, the reputation of our exceptional NDT&E training courses and the numerous job opportunities in France and abroad, public and private sector stakeholders in the local area have identified Le Mans University as the obvious candidate for the development of this workshop-school : ECND-Academy.


Why is ECND-Academy unique ?

ECND-Academy is a pragmatic and high-quality academic response that is immediately operational to the rising demands for professional qualifications in the field of NDT&E in industry.  Le Mans University is the only French university to offer these type of courses, from A Levels/High School to Doctorate level for basic, continuing and professional education, combining face-to-face and distance-learning and implementing numerous educational innovations.


What is your ambition regarding ECND-Academy ?

ECND-Academy is born out of a consortium of public and private partners created in response to a predictable shortage of skills and methodology both in France and abroad in the field of NDT&E.  It is an example of a successful collaboration between universities, businesses, local authorities and the French government for the benefit of our territory.  I wish for ECND-Academy to become a worldwide international reference centre engaged in an ongoing construction with its French and overseas academic and industrial partners.